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Sephora is a Spanish whore, but she's not from the Barrio. She's actually from Spain. I have no idea how she ended up here or on the Latina Abuse couch with Duke Skywalker, Bootleg and Mr. Drummond, but she did.

Sephora hit the floor and tried to look cute licking the gringo dicks. She quickly learned this was not an option as Bootleg and Mr. Drummond plowed their meat rods deep down her throat. Almost instantly, puke flowed out of her mouth and through her nose.

She got the first real face fucking of her life, and everything around her was coverd in puke. In fear of drowning the studio in vomit, the crew pulled their dicks out of her mouth, and slid them right into her little Latina sausage wallet. They took turns pounding her pussy while the other was applying smacks to her face, or spit to her grill. She mouthed off a bit, and was promptly spanked with the slut paddle tile she was beat red.

Sephora's pussy was used and abused. There was one thing left to do: She was covered in 3 loads of cum and she was quickly shown the door.

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